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About agency

Our sports agency consists of two main sections: management and sports marketing. We offer unique services, basing on our wide knowledge and sport industry experience. Each detail of our work is important to us. We make sure that every aspect of the athlete’s life, essential for the proper career development, is taken care of. Moreover we specialize in introducing innovative solutions which stimulate a sport organization to work with success. What makes New Sport Star special:

Sport management:

lista1trials search for players lista2seeking for sports clubs based on skills and preferences of each player. lista3legal aid in contract negotiations lista4Players’ representation to the sports federations and associations (PFA, FIFA,UEFA).
lista5creating a professional image lista6cooperation with experts (legal and financial advisers, orthopaedists, sports psychologists, dietitians, physiotherapists). lista7developed contact network. lista8constant observation of the football market.

Our work is based on building mutual relations with athletes.
Only a proper understanding of player’s needs and abilites can allow us to reach satisfying goals. Our client is above all a human being therefore we value the most:


Partnership with players.

We are someone more than just football agents to our athletes. We are friends  who will discuss the last match and give an advice in any difficult situation.

Reasonable vison of career development

Is it better to look for a cosy apartment in Spain or to spend the next season in rainy England? We will advise you in choosing the best club.

Understanding player’s interests.

Acquaintance with player’s passions, both related and unrelated to sport, allows us to steer the career of a player in accordance with his expectations.

Sports marketing:

lista9expertise and experience in sports marketing lista10connecting business with sport lista11innovative techniques  and marketing tools lista12creativity and effectiveness


For players

The standard management service focuses solely on club searching and contract negotiations.
New Sport Star offers additional profits including:

Thanks to our experience we help the player find a club that suits his preferences and skills. We organize trials and negotiate terms of contracts. We pay attention not only to the financial aspects, but also to all the other legal settlements concernig the agreement. We also represent the player to the Polish Football Association (PZPN), FIFA and UEFA. It allows him to focus on his trainings and on-pitch performance.

Our clients are provided with professional legal care. Every contract signed by the player is checked and evaluated by our lawyers. It concerns the contracts with clubs as well as the other ones, for example sponsorship agreements, agreements concerning image rights and all the other legal, financial and marketing contracts.

Professional clubs provide players with medical care. In practice, however, the service provided by the club is sometimes insufficient. Proper injury treatment or psychological care are essential on the young player’s road to success. New Sport Star cooperates with ortopedist, physiologist, dietician and sports psychologist. It enables to minimize the risk, gives the feeling of security and assures, that in case of any problems the player will be provided with the necessary help.

Nowadays, a player is also a marketing product. Sport, especially the one as popular as football, is a major part of the activities of companies that offer their products and services on the particular markets. It should be stressed, that the less popular players can also take part in advertising or social campaigns, sign advertising contracts or be particular brand’s ambassadors. Well-planned marketing actions bring sportsmen financial and image profits. Our team constantly improves its skills in the area of sports marketing. With the help of our experience we build partnerships with players, clubs and all our business associates. Our mutual goal is to search and classify the appearing offers.

Footballer’s career is not infinite. Every player reaches the moment, when he decides to end his football journey and has to answer the question - what is next? It puts him in a new life situation which causes new problems. Our agency, thanks to our partner relations, helps players become active again and find new exciting opportunities in their lifes. We think about player’s future before he retires!

For clubs

Business development of sport organization is connected with building a stable sports and financial background. Every activity should be additionally supported by the properly working marketing machine. Sports agency New Sport Star offers outsourcing and sports consulting in the following areas:

The power of many western football moguls is a tremendous scouting and training background. Clubs which have a complex scouting net are able to find the most talented players much earlier and fulfil their potential. Profits from selling young players are one of the main sources of income for a lot of clubs and a basis of their functioning. In Polish lower divisions there are many talented players who have never been given any chance and are definitely underrated. In third, and even in fourth Polish divisions there are players, who should be able to play on the highest level just after a few weeks of proper training. New Sport Star offers a constant observation of players, teams and even whole leagues in any part of Poland. We prepare professional reports which give a full view of the player’s play and skills. We emphasise his strengths and weaknesses, as well as his most recent development.

Senegal - New Sport Star offers search for the most talented footballers playing in Senegal. We have contact data to all the clubs from Senegal’s highest division, including Diambars and Jaaraff, which are known for the best coaching system in the country. We provide players for every position on the field with particular skillsets and physical abilities. We prepare reports together with the video material. In addition to that, we are capable of managing the whole administrative procedure connected with the player’s arrival to Poland. We also organize trips to Senegal for clubs’ representatives together with accomodation and passes to games and trainings.

One of the most essential sources of club’s income are the ones provided by sponsors and advertisers. New Sport Star provides help with preparing professional sponsorship offer, based on a the most recent trends and changes on the particular markets. We analyze club’s requirements and opportunities in order to find sponsors and advertisers interested in a long-term cooperation with the club.

For a team, the most important part of time between season or rounds is a preparatory camp. Camps are not only a gruelling training but also the best method of building a team spirit and integrating players. That is why it is extremely important, that the training took place in comfortable conditions and reslted in an outstanding performance and scores throughout the season. New Sport Star offers organization of football camps adjusted to club’s requirements as well as sports and financial potential. We provide the full service, including drive, accomodation, board and proper training objects. We organize camps for teams from every division, including youth teams, in every part of Poland.

We have a special offer for everybody, who organizes sports events. New Sport Star has a few year experience in the field of organization of different types of sports events. Members of our team have taken part in preparations of the small events on school fields as well as of international games at the biggest arenas in Poland. Our company offers comprehensive service in the area of full organization of every kind of a venture, as well as organization of particular parts of the event, like accreditations, contact with media, promotion and marketing communication or filing for acceptance of organization of a mass event.

Sports marketing is gaining more and more importance in our country. It is an inevitable part of business development of any sports organization. Standing out from the competition, proper communication with the media and maintenance of good relations with the supporters are only a few of possible activities which bring sports, marketing and financial profits. New Sport Star offers marketing support for clubs, which are interested in coming into the existence or standing out on the sports market, in the process of current and strategic decission making.

For clubs

Basic information about the activities
of football managers

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Our crew

Intermediary registered in PZPN , in the past Licensed FIFA Players’ Agent and co-founder of New Sport Star. In October 2010 he passed the license exam at PZPN (Polish Football Association). Earlier he graduated from Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Warsaw with a degree in law. In 2013 he completed Postgraduate Studies of Sports Marketing at Warsaw School of Economics. He is a sport law specialist especially in the matter of PZPN and FIFA transfer regulations and the status of football players. Football has been his passion since his early childhood. He still remembers emotions connected with winning a silver medal by Polish National Medal at Olympics in Barcelona (1992). Apart from the professional duties, he is also an active amateur player taking part in many events.

Sports marketing specialist and co-founder of New Sport Star. He graduated from Warsaw School of Economics with a degree in Management and then from Postgraduate Studies of Sports Marketing at the same university. He contributed to spectacular development of American football in Poland, promoting this sport among other things by organising Topliga finals at the National Stadium in Warsaw. As an organizer of sports conferences he contributes to professionalization of sport in our country. His valuable football experience was gained in marketing departments of foreign and domestic (Polish highest division) clubs. In the past he also had a few notable achievements as a youth player. His expertise concerning the inner functioning of a team and dressing room secrets is priceless. He never gives up, neither on a pitch nor in a professional life, and always fights until the end. He puts his whole heart In every detail of his actions.

The main scout of New Sports Star Agency in Poland who graduated in Management of Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomiczna w Warszawie. He is searching for football talents and analizing the game and progress of players cooperating whith Agency, He is taking part in creating scouting structure via coordinating the work of local scouts. Personally a fan of american football. He pulls an all-nighter, watching his favorite New York Giants games.


Sportsmen nutrition and supplementation specialist. She is a qualified dietitian experienced in preparing effective diets for e.g. world champions and Olympic Games participants. She is one of the specialists in Medico Brain Clinic in Warsaw. She participated in national figure fitness competitions, ran half-marathons and 5, 8 and 10 km running competitions. She is a co-author of the science article “Dieta piłkarza. Nawadnianie.” (“Footballer’s Diet. Watering.”) published in well-known magazine Sport Wyczynowy (“Professional Sport”). Author of several articles connected with the field of sportsmen nutrition e.g. in Sport dla Wszystkich (SdW), Kulturystyka i Fitness (KiF), Mazovia MTB. She conducts training courses in the area of nutrition, she also is often invited to the radio shows concerning nutrition. In New Sport Star she helps players choose the appropriate diet in order to strengthen and improve their skills.

Motor preparation coach, nutritional advisor and sports physiologist. He cooperates among others with cycling national team and Polonia Warszawa’s footballers. He is a teaching-research worker at Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa (he conducts courses on sports physiology, nutrition in sport, diagnostics of exertion abilities and power training). Co-author of a book “Medycyna wokół nas” (“Medicine around us”), author of over 100 science and popular science articles published in Poland (e.g. Focus, Przekrój, Bieganie, Kulturystyka i fitness, SdW, Sport Wyczynowy, Medicina Sportiva, Wiedza i Życie) and abroad. Lecturer at Sports Medicine Studies at Carolina Medical Center in Warsaw. Active participant of science conferences and TVP2 Panorama (its evening news) expert. Certified fitness, athletics and gymnastics instructor. In his spare time he competes in half-marathons. For many years he have been practicing sports involving strength. In New Sport Star he examines players and then prepares suitable training in order to improve his results.

Solicitor specialize in contracts, sport law and labour law. In our team she is responsible for preparing and analyzing contracts, representing our clients before PZPN and FIFA arbitration courts as well as any other legal aspects of agency’s activities. In 2009 she graduated from Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Warsaw with a degree in law. In December 2012 she completed her legal counsel training at Circuit Chamber of Legal Counsel in Warsaw.

Sports mental coach specializing in psychophysiology. He graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice and from Warsaw University. He also completed a number of courses in the area of using Biofeedback. As a licensed Polskie Towarzystwo Neurofizjologii Klinicznej (Polish Clinical Neurophysiology Society) therapist he currently conducts courses concerning using Biofeedback. He is a member of Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne (Polish Psychological Society) as well as the author of many specialist articles related to his area of studies and work. Often invited as a guest expert to the radio and television. He has been cooperating with many Polish and foreign sportsmen for years. In New Sport Star he is responsible for proper mental preparation and training of players.

A reporter and TVP Info main sports expert, master of ceremonies and media coach. He graduated from Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University and completed Post-Graduate Sports Marketing Studies at Warsaw School of Economics. A scholar of Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas (Lithuania). During his 7-year work at TVP Info he did live reports of world’s biggest sports events, like Summer and Winter Olympics, world and European championships in football, volleyball and handball as well as Ski Jumping or Cross-Country Skiing World Cup events. The author of 10-episodes-long programme “Euro 2012 Secrets”. He was a speaker and a master of ceremony at many football or volleyball games, martial arts events, concerts and outdoor events. His trump-cards are original punch lines. Privately an AC Milan fan. In New Sport Star he is responsible for media relations and preparing sportsmen for appearing in front of the camera.


We cooperate with foreign management
agencies operating in Europe and the whole world.

Among our Business Partners
there are specialist companies improving
quality of the services we provide.


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